Introducing: The Prometheus

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Prometheus (2012) - Poster Artwork by Midnight Marauder (Set 2)

Prometheus (2012) - Poster Artwork by Midnight Marauder (Set 1)

Michael Fassbender - August Man Singapore, February 2012

Empire Magazine - Prometheus Cover





To @iamgd aka

Saw your tweets today. Do you really think that Michael Fassbender would want a fan who would write such horrible things about the person he’s chosen to love? It’s laughable that you think he’d want someone like you in his fan base. Laughable. And you say you’re not racist? Yet you mention that he’s dating another black woman, the ‘colored girl’. What the hell difference does it make if she’s black? Why does it bother you so much? Because you’re a racist little human centipede, that’s why. I hope that not everyone from Indonesia is like you. You just gave a really bad name to that country.

I usually don’t respond to things like this, but as an African-American the term “colored” is offensive to me and probably to most. A perfect example of the sad backlash of living your life in a celebrity obsessed world where fans become so emotionally invested in people that they have to resort to nastiness. I’ve gotten many messages about what I think about the sudden surge of quasi racist comments toward Ms. Beharie and I have kept quiet. However, I will just say that I am disgusted, saddened, and appalled. How about focusing more on his film work instead of his preference in women? Or maybe go for a walk. Read Caitlin Moran’s “How to Be a Woman”. Anything but put time and effort putting down a woman who happens to be lucky enough to spend time with Mr. Fassbender. Because no matter what you say about Nicole, Zoe, or any of his other girlfriends, it is and was his choice to be with them. Whether you think they are good enough to be with him is so irrelevant it’s not even funny. From what I’ve been told Nicole is a lovely person and comparing her to that disgusting human centipede film is just not right.

Honestly people are disgusting. I am completely appalled at behavior like this. 

i’m really fucking ashamed of the fanbases i’m associated with sometimes. 

this is goddamn ridiculous. i really hope fassy doesn’t even catch wind of these tweets because this is downright disgusting. 

As an Indonesian, I’m ashamed by this. Totally unacceptable! This is how fanaticism become a fan-anticism.